Tyler Kallas

Guitarist Tyler Kallas

Tyler has been playing guitar longer than he can remember. He started lessons at a young age from Dave Nassie, ex guitarist of such bands as No Use For A Name, and Bleeding Through, and a love and passion for guitar was formed. Tyler contributes much of his skill, style, and knowledge of music to the lessons he received from Dave and will always consider him one of his biggest influences.

Metal has always been a huge part of Tyler’s life. Beginning his journey into the genre with the standard classic metal acts such as Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, etc., he was always intrigued by the intricacies and diversity of the metal music. At 13 he was introduced into the heavier side of metal by his friend, Jacob, whom showed him bands such as Winds of Plague and Whitechapel. Tyler fell in love with the emotion conveyed through the unconventional heavy riffs paired with the growls and screaming unheard of in any other genre.

After that he delved deep into the genre of death metal, and discovered some of his favorite bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Death, and so on. Tyler and Ninja Gandhi drummer Paul have known each other since kindergarten and grew up in the same private school together. Although briefly losing contact in high school Tyler contacted Paul to start a metal band called Theomachy, which unfortunately lost momentum and fell apart. Paul then introduced Tyler to David who invited him to jam.

A deep metaphysical bond was formed between David and Tyler during the first jam session and Tyler has been apart of Ninja Gandhi ever since.

Upcoming Shows

Kick off your summer Ninja Style with us at The Karman Bar in Laguna Niguel, California.

I tried so hard… and got so far… but In The End, a Linkin Park tribute based out of Los Angeles, will be sharing the stage with us this epic night.

Click here for tickets and more details.

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