Paul Gehlhar

Paul Gehlhar, Drummer

Paul Gehlhar, a founding member of Ninja Gandhi, started music like any other young child with nurturing parents. With dry and coma inducing piano lessons. Becoming more and more fascinated with melody he spoke to his father about learning bass and guitar. His father, Dave, a seasoned guitarist showed him the ways of rock, classics such as Boston and Metallica.

Drums how ever became a favorite with help of the infamous video game franchise Rock Band, which taught him the ways of rock beats and drum fills. Entering into high school, Paul was looking to educate himself to further his knowledge of the craft. He joined the school’s marching band and drum line. Under the intense, fun, and will shattering tutelage of Tim Tintari, an instructor and alumni of the Blue Devils Drum Core, and Bob Grigas, a CalArts World Percussionist.

In high school Paul become friends with David another founding member and guitarist, with their eyes on the prize, they began actively auditioning and searching for members. Eventually finding Keith, the bands current front man, who happened to attend the same elementary school as David, Tyler, a Guitarist whom Paul had known in elementary school, Eli, a bassist who is currently not playing in the band but is still a good friend, and Mitchell, the current bassist.

Paul since the formation Ninja Gandhi has played countless shows with the band, 3 US tour,s an EP, Choice Of Life, and an album Wax Empire. Paul has also played in various bands, shows, and shared the stage with acts such as Railgun, Neil Turbin, Micheal Angelo Batio, Pier Pressure, Glen Helen Amphitheater with Iron Maiden Ghost and Kamelot, Battle For Vans Warped Tour, Battle For Wacken, 30+ US states, and more.

Upcoming Shows

Kick off your summer Ninja Style with us at The Karman Bar in Laguna Niguel, California.

I tried so hard… and got so far… but In The End, a Linkin Park tribute based out of Los Angeles, will be sharing the stage with us this epic night.

Click here for tickets and more details.

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