Keith Adamiak

Lead Singer Keith Adamiak

Keith started singing when he was in kindergarten to pop songs and was actually on the toilet in school when he figured out how to do vibrato. It was from that point on that he knew vocals would be his instrument of choice.

Dumping has always been his best time to think. When his parents were going through a divorce when he was around age 10, he decided that he would pick up his acoustic guitar to regain some stability in his life and through a chord book, tabs, and on his beloved toilet seat, he would play and poop all day until he finally got comfortable with the sound.
Realizing that nobody liked the smell of poop while they listen to his music, he one day decided to emerge from his cocoon of pooping while playing and started bringing his guitar to school. He sucked. Badly.

He was so used to the poop smell that he forgot how to play when he wasn’t on the pot, so he had to re-learn guitar and vocals. By highschool, he was bringing his guitar to school everyday until he caught the attention of other ex-poopers, and they decided to start a metal band called States of Decay. Now this band couldn’t hold down a drummer, so Keith went and bought a drum set to fulfill his needs of needing to sit down on a throne while he played.

Later on he formed a reggae/ska band called Viricide, using his guitar and vocal skills he learned in the restroom. Both bands went on to play for about 7 years before disbanding.
Devoid of poop smell and musical outlet, he started going to more shows to try to find another bands….which is where he met David Coffman…..a notorious pooper.

David pooped his pants right in front of Keith at a PSA show, and of course it was love at first poop. Through David and the Drummer Paul Gelhar, a poop storm emerged taking on the new title Ninja poop Gandhi. Of course, for diplomatic reasons the “poop” in the name was removed making it just “Ninja Gandhi”.

Unbeknownst to the public, Keith, Paul, David, Tyler Kallas and Mitchell Geringer still poop together in harmony and still write all their songs on the toilet.

Upcoming Shows

Kick off your summer Ninja Style with us at The Karman Bar in Laguna Niguel, California.

I tried so hard… and got so far… but In The End, a Linkin Park tribute based out of Los Angeles, will be sharing the stage with us this epic night.

Click here for tickets and more details.

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