David Coffman


     From the time he could barely talk, David was writing songs. Though at that time, his songs consisted of a nonsensical string of words mixed with non-words tied together by a loose melody. He performed them for free and repeatedly to his parents and older sister until they were overwhelmed by an intense urge to leave this planet. Come the discovery of the guitar and willingness to develop his skill, he was able to hone and refine his songwriting more and more so, drawing inspiration primarily from hard rock and metal bands of the 70’s-00’s, as well as movie and video game soundtracks.

     Not a whole lot of things that other kids seemed to like growing up gave David a tremendous amount of joy. Certainly not sports or school. But writing and performing songs on the guitar was of the few, so that is where he put his primary attention. Upon meeting Paul Gehlhar -who shared similar goals in music- in high school, the two boys attempted several bands, but may have lacked the maturity to take them very far. With David’s unyielding and burning desire to perform his songs he continued his search until a chemistry was found when he and Paul joined Keith Adamiak and Tyler Kallas shortly after high school.

     Ninja Gandhi is now a collective outlet for creativity for David and his band mates, including bassist Mitchell Geringer who joined later. However, don’t be too surprised if you find a nonsensical string of obscurity in a Ninja Gandhi song.

Some things never change.

Upcoming Shows

Kick off your summer Ninja Style with us at The Karman Bar in Laguna Niguel, California.

I tried so hard… and got so far… but In The End, a Linkin Park tribute based out of Los Angeles, will be sharing the stage with us this epic night.

Click here for tickets and more details.

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